This weekend was my 6th Wedding Anniversary!  Hubby and I went down to Estes Park and checked into The Stanley Hotel.  Joe had decided to request a room on the 4th floor (considered the most haunted) in hopes of seeing spookes!  Before night fell we took a ghost/history tour to find out a little more in regards to where to conduct our ghost hunting. 

After 2+ hours on the ghost tour, after-dinner ghost hunting on our own, and hundreds of photos were taken, the EMF Detector pretty quiet and it was obvious we weren’t going to see or hear any of The Stanley’s historical ghosts.  Then, I took this series of pictures:

Hmmm…some say “orbs” are spirits caught on film…others say particals/dust in the air.  Whatever it is, during the time I took the first photo Joe said the EMP detector was “detecting” something.  Ghost or not, it seemed interesting.  I NEVER get these little orbs in my photos. 

Anyway, the next day we went for a beautiful hike on the Twin Owls Trail…GORGEOUS!