Thursday I came hope from work and found a package on my doorsteps!  I’ve been waiting for this box full of goodies since the beginning of November.

Foodzie Tasting Box!!!! 

This is a GREAT way to try out some new foodie items that you may never have heard of or thought to try out yourself.  The deal is pretty awesome…$19.95 a month and that includes shipping.  In this month’s box:

The Redhead – Bacon Peanut Brittle:  Hmmm, I’ve heard lots about bacon in things like chocolate.  This should be an interesting taste experiment.

479* Popcorn – Fuer de Sel Caramel Popcorn:  This sounds DELICIOUS and has only 100 cals in the pack.  Decent amount of cals for a sweet treat!

Maitlattes – Dulce de Leche Cookies:  Um, do I have to tell you how excited I am to try these?  They had me at Dulce de Leche. 

Little Ragghi Flatbreads – These look so light and crispy…perfect for some 7 Layer Hummus Dip (recipe later).

Zursun Idaho Heirloom Beans – Cranberry Beans:  This came with a recipe card for a rice and bean salad…excited to try that for dinner later this week!

Yummy goods!  Plus, if you really like something in the tasting box, you get to buy these items at a special price!  If you haven’t already checked it out, head over to Foodzie and do so!  Each month there is something different and exciting to try!


The winner is Joanna!  Please send me your contact information!


Thanks for reading…have a great Sunday!