This morning I pulled some DELISH granola (thanks Erin) outta my freezer and threw it on top of some Fage 0% yogurt with a drizzle of honey.  YUMM-O!  Great way to start my morning.

I haven’t had yogurt in a LONG time (trying to be dairy free) but I’ve been craving a good bowl of Greek yogurt with the yummy granola I got from a giveaway on The Healthy Apron (Erin is very sweet and sent me out granola a second time since the first package was lost in the mail).  Head over and check out her blog!

Okay, on to the good stuff!  I promised a giveaway for Monday, but my life has been busy!  Wall papering the newly remodeled bathroom (just need to put up trim and hang a shower door and we are finished!), snaking our main sewer line (ewww), planning and prepping materials for my presentation/class for teachers on early language and literacy, and presenting the information.  All this on top of my normal daily duties at a preschool for kiddos with special needs…but it’s done now a I am being a total bum today!

What’s up for grabs?

Still not sure?????

Artisana Pecan Butter!!!!

A while back I was sent some samples of the Artisana line and fell in love (the only thing I wasn’t too pleased with was the Macadamia nut butter, but I’m not a huge Macadamia Nut fan to begin with) with everything I tried.  It was really hard to pick my favorite nut butter – the cashini is a FABULOUS alternative to peanut butter and the walnut and pecan butters are so rich a unique.  I finally decided the pecan butter was the way to go…I think it is harder to find this one at your local health food store (it took me nearly 2 months to find ONE store in my area that has it in stock), so why not provide one lucky person with a jar.

Another of my favorites (and I for some reason didn’t do a review of it…silly me) is the Coconut Butter!  This is fabulous on top of oats, baked into cookies or breads, and tastes pretty darn good in the Perfect Pear Oat Bars!

So, how do you enter?

  • Simply leave a comment in this post with a way for me to contact you (blog, email, etc) if you win. 
  • For a second entry, tell your friends!  Post a link on your blog to this giveaway and leave a note telling me you did so!
  •  Post your response between now and November  17th at Midnight and I will choose one person at random on Thursday, November 18th.

Thanks for sharing your love of food with me!  Can’t wait to be giving away my first goodie!


PS…Don’t forget to sign-up for the cookie exchange!