Look what I got…

I will be reviewing each sample…I’m a sucker for a good nut butter and am HAPPY to gobble down each and every one of these! 

On the menu today – Artisana Pecan Butter (clicky for info on health benifits)


I LOVED this butter.  So creamy and rich, full of flavor and has ZERO sugar.  This Pecan Butter is blended with a few Cashews to help give it a ‘creamy’ texture.  I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of it, it’s really pretty, tan with flecks of dark brown.  I read that they keep the pecan skins on when making the butter so that the nutrients remain.  I grabbed my sample pack with a lone whole wheat bun and a little home-made strawberry jam as I ran out the door.  Perfect and filling. 

Their products are a little pricy (I’ve been looking around online, haven’t seen all these butters at my local health food store) but I can guarantee that I WILL be purchasing this butter as soon as I can find it!  Worth a little extra $$ because it is full of quality ingredients and a little goes a long way! 

I can’t wait to try this on top of my morning oatmeal, along side a crisp apple, or in my smoothies. 

A little about Artisana (Premier Organics):

  • They Believe in Sustainable Living – Translated, they care about our planet and all it offers.
  • Dedicated to Making ORGANIC, UNIQUE, and QUALITY products each and every day.
  • They Support SMALL Organic Family Farms
  • Dedicated to Giving Back to the Community
  • What They Don’t Do – Add peanuts, dairy, gluten salt, sugar, artificial flavors/colors, preservatives, GMO’s or oils and they DON’T heat their ingredients or use ingredients with pesticides!!!

Have a great evening.