Since I attended the seminar that my brother held, I’ve changed my diet to include oatmeal for breakfast every day, big salads for lunch, and water with a splash of juice first thing in the morning.  Meat has only been eaten at dinner and I have had ZERO dairy! 

Today’s post is just a typical day of foods I eat (it was all yesterday’s meals).


Upon Rising – Splash of Good Belly in 12 oz water

Blueberry Scottish Oats

1 c. water

1/4 c. Scottish Oats

1/2 Banana, thinly sliced

1/3 c. Almond Milk

1 Tbs. Chia

1 Tbs. Almond Butter

1 Large Handfulls Blueberries

1 tsp. Vanilla


Directions – Bring water to a boil, add oats and stir.  You can leave this for about 5 minutes, then come back and stir again.  Check in 4-5 minutes.  Stir.  Add vanilla, cinnamon, banana, milk, chia, and blueberries.  Stir.  Cook an additional 3 -5 minutes.  Top with 1 handfull blueberries, cocoa nibs, and homemade Maple Clove Almond Butter (I followed Ashley’s recipe but add about 2 tsp. ground cloves….so good, reminds me of Fall). 

This oatmeal is so filling and tastes GREAT!  I hasn’t been an issue for me to eat oatmeal each morning…this recipe allows me to do other things while it cooks (like empty the dishwasher, brush my teeth, etc). 


Yummy Salad consisting of fresh lettuce and turnips from my garden, sugar snap peas, spinach, tomato, carrots, yellow bell pepper, sunflower sprouts (grown myself), water sautéed purple potatoes, hummus, and a little 3 citrus balsamic vinegar.  Also had a slice of WF Rosemary Sourdough Bread with a little Earth Balance.


9 Mary’s Crackers and ~2 Tbs Wholly Guacamole



Sunshine Burger on Oxo Bun with Wholly Guacamole, Mustard, pickles, lettuce, and ketchup.  Grilled sweet potatoes and zucchini (also from my garden), grilled corn, and a mini bun with about 1.5 oz pulled pork.  I couldn’t finish my plate!  I recommend you try the Sunshine Burgers, they had a nice taste.  I think I cooked them a bit too long on the grill because they did dry out a bit…but it was still really good.

Can’t complain, food was great yesterday.  And with that I’m done…but I want to leave you with a few pics of food from my little garden.  So excited I’m finally getting produce!