Sunday afternoon my brother set up a semi-private nutrition seminar/sprouting demonstration with a gentleman he is hoping to join forces with to teach the masses about plant-based diets and the amazing power of sprouts! 

John-Pierre, the gentleman presenting with my brother has been in the business for 20+ years and has been a vegan for nearly 26…he has a wealth of knowledge related to the benefits of a plant-based diet but does not push his ‘Veganism’ on you.  In fact, as he started his presentation he said, “I’m here to share facts, you can do with them as you want.  Find a balance that works for you.”  Here is the gist of his information:

1.  Dairy is the single worst food group you can put into your body.  No other animal on the planet consumes another animals milk.  Dairy products are full of fat, antibiotics, animal hormones, and synthetic hormones.  He mentioned that the USDA allows for something like 750,000 PUSS CELLS to be present in 1 gram of milk product before it is considered contaminated!!!!  YUCK!!!  Plus, he stated that it is the single WORST thing you can put in your body if you’re trying to lose weight.  I am going to do more research on this.  He referred to as a site to look into.

2. Humans do not need animal meat (fat or muscle) to survive.  In fact, animal meat puts strain on the heart, adds cholesterol (which we don’t need to find in food as our body makes what we need), and is stored much easier as fat on the body.

3. The amount of protein necessary for a human body can easily be obtained through a plant rich diet.

4. The best thing to eat for breakfast is OATMEAL with berries. 

5. Lunch should ALWAYS consist of a large salad and either a hot bowl of soup (if trying to lose weight) or an entrée.  The salad should include a little fat from seeds, nuts, or avocado.

6. The human body does not NEED oil.  Oil is not recognized by the body as a natural product…and in fact it isn’t.  The body easily uses fats found in nuts, seeds, and foods like avocado and with a plant rich diet that is all that is necessary.

7. Dinner should include a second (if losing weight) or third grain of the day.

8. Snack should be veggies and hummus or bean dip.

9.  You should consume 2 pounds of veggies a day.  1 pound leafy greens and 1 pound other veggies.

10. Green smoothies are great for those maintaining weight to have before a meal or for others after a strenuous workout.

11.  Upon waking you should drink a large glass of water with a splash of juice.  Juice helps get the water into your system faster.

12.  For those with hypothyroidism – Work out 2x a day, once in the AM and once in the afternoon.  Also, stay away from soy, cruciferous veggies, peanuts, and excess flax seed.

13.  Young coconut water is EXCELLENT for the body but coconut meat, butter, and oil should be used sparingly since it is high in saturated fat.

As he concluded his part of the seminar, he stated that in finding a balance keep in mind what aspects of health you are trying to achieve and to ask yourself, “Is this good, better, or best?” and make decisions based on what you are willing to give up and where you want to go.

So my plan is this

1.  Oatmeal with homemade nut butter, berries, and non-dairy milk each morning for breakfast.

2. Big salad and soup for lunch each day.

3.  Snack of veggies and hummus if hungry.

4. Remove dairy in 2 parts – No milk products first, then no eggs.  Milk – No problem, not really a milk drinker.  Yogurt/Sour Cream/Cottage Cheese/Cheese – A little harder since I do enjoy them.  Eggs – Really gonna be hard.

5. Get myself up earlier each day for 2 weeks and then start working out in the morning.

6.  Not giving up meat just yet (or maybe ever).  My hubby is a BIG meat-eater and I don’t expect him to change just because I am.  I see the benefits of not eating meat and plan on decreasing my intake.

So, big changes in store for me…excited and hopeful. 

Sprouting 101 to come…